Look Closer... Jarring Photos From Nature Captured More Than Expected

By | September 2, 2022

We often take the power of Mother Nature for granted even though its majesty is all around us. If you look closer you'll see that even your back garden can be full of mystery and unexpected phenomenon. Nature has the ability to give and take, whether it's happening on the ocean, in the sky, or in your garden.

These rare images show the reality of nature in a way that's never been seen. From the chilling power of the Antarctic to the destructive beauty of the ocean these photos will send chills down your spine even as you learn a thing or two.

Some of these photos may be too much to handle even for adults. However, everything you're about to see is untouched and real. It happens every day... are you ready to see for yourself?

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It's not shocking to state that grizzly bears are some of the freakiest animals on the planet. No matter how cuddly they look - and they look incredibly cuddly - they're not to be snuggled upon any circumstances. It's not that they're mean or that they have a taste for human flesh, they just like to have their own space.

Bears are like people, they like to have their own space. Once something or someone gets into its space they either run away from whatever the problem is or they attack. Grizzly bears would rather run away from someone in their space than attack but there have been enough reports of grizzly bears mauling someone that should tell you if you see one that you need to get out of the way.

A baby elephant stuck in a manhole

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This freak accident occurred in Thailand in 2009 when a baby elephant fell through the narrow manhole of a drainage ditch. Onlookers watched on helplessly as the elephant did its best to free itself, thankfully help finally arrived in the form of a team of rescuers who used a bulldozer to dig out the sides of the manhole and lift the baby elephant to safety.