The Well-Preserved Wreck of A 16th Century Warship Found at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea

By | September 29, 2016

Mars, which is also known as Makalös (a Swedish word that may be translated as ‘peerless’ or ‘matchless’), was a 16th century warship.

Mars was one of the largest battleships in the world at its time. This formidable warship served as the leader of the Swedish navy until it was sunk during its first naval engagement. She carried a fortune in silver coins, as well as 800 to 900 sailors, to the bottom of the ocean.

Its discovery in 2011 yielded an astonishingly well-preserved ship, including the seamen who went down with it. Due to the conditions of the water, Mars was well-preserved, and is today regarded as the best preserved vessel of its kind.

Credit: National Geographic