Most Beautiful Colorized Images In History

Colorized historical photos | August 5, 2019

Albert Einstein at home in Princeton, New Jersey, 1940.

Source: (reddit.com)

Albert Einstein may have been one of the most fascinating minds of the 20th century, but he still faced intense racism from anti-Semitic groups in Germany throughout the 1930s. In 1933 he took a trip to America to see if he could find a better place to live, and although he visited Pasadena, California he found a better with in Princeton, New Jersey.

He returned to Germany in ’33 but he didn’t stay long. In October of the same year he returned to America with his wife Elsa, his secretary Helen Dukas, and his assistant Dr. Walther Mayer. He settled in Princeton with his family and began work in the “Institute for Advanced Study” where he stayed until his death in 1955.

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