Most Beautiful Colorized Images In History

Colorized historical photos | August 5, 2019

Union Soldiers taking a break,1863. 

Source: (Reddit)

Woah, this colorized photo is definitely a shock to the senses. Imagine seeing more snapshots from the Civil War era is pristine color. It’s definitely a new look at history. With two years left to go in the Civil War, the Union soldiers were in an emotional valley, however after a series of bloody battles with the Confederates in July of that year the Union gained control of the Mississippi River, dividing the southern army.

At the time, technological developments were coming along to allow for the mass production of tintypes and these allowed for photos from the war to become a normal viewing experience for Americans on both sides. After an exhibit of the war photography the New York Times wrote

[The photographer] has done something to bring home to us the terrible reality and earnestness of war. If he has not brought bodies and laid them in our dooryards and along the streets, he has done something very like it.

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