Native American Little People And The Pedro Mountain Mummy

By | June 28, 2019

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The diminutive Pedro Mountain Mummy could be proof that Native American legends are real. Source: (

Several Native American tribes have oral stories about little people, not unlike the European tales of fairies and sprites. The race of tiny people—between 20 and 36-inches in height—in the Shoshone legends were mean little fellas. They would attack the Shoshone and shoot tiny, poison-tipped arrows at them. We would chalk these legends up to folklore, just like fairies and sprites, except for one thing. The mummified body of a little person was discovered in Wyoming in 1932. What this proof that the Native American little people were real?

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Many Native American tribes had folklore about little people. Source: (

The Little People

In the Shoshone Tribe of Wyoming, the little people were called the Nimerigar, a name that translates to “people eaters.” The Nimerigar, according to legends, were fierce and aggressive. They would steal babies away in the night and eat them. They were expert archers and could shoot poison-tipped arrows at the Shoshone people with amazing accuracy. The stories also said that the Nimerigar systematically killed members of their own tribe who were too old, sick, or hurt to be productive members of the society. Their form of euthanasia was particularly brutal—they would bash in the skulls of the infirmed. Remember this…it will be important later.