Nostalgic Photos That Show Just How Beautiful The Past Really Was

By | December 20, 2022

Here’s a throwback to when some of Hollywood’s hottest stars were up-and-comers, established stars were at their pinnacle, and fading stars were taking their last lunge at greatness. In this gallery of throwback picks, you will get a rare glimpse of some of your favorite celebrities as they were three or four decades ago … a great reminder of the good ol’ days before iPhones, Twitter, and Oscar slaps.

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Source: Reddit

No invisible jet here! Sexy Lynda Carter, best known for playing TV's Wonder Woman in the 1970s, had to get around by hitchhiking before she found stardom. The former beauty queen (Miss World USA of 1972!) and nightclub singer from Arizona spent some time touring the "Silver Circuit", the nickname for a series of nightclubs and casinos in Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Reno, and Carson City. She left the tour to focus on her acting career. She appeared in guest roles in a few television shows, including Starksy and Hutch, before she landed the title role in Wonder Woman. Later, Carter acknowledged that she most likely got the role because she looked the part, not because of her stellar acting ability.