90-Year-Old Grandma Turns Small Village Into Art Gallery By Hand-Painting Flowers On Houses

By | October 4, 2017

Remember the little Polish village where every house is covered with painted flowers? Well, one 90-year-old resident of Louka, Czech Republic, is aiming to make her hometown just as charming, and spends every spring and summer adorning window and door frames with majestic designs.

90-year-old Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková, a former agricultural worker, spends every spring and summer painting window and door frames of houses in her hometown in Louka, Czech Republic with majestic designs.

Using vibrant blue paint and a small brush, she creates intricate floral patterns inspired by traditional Moravian artwork. Despite attaining both local and viral acclaim, she has insisted that it’s purely for pleasure. “I am an artist,” she stated to Czech media. “I just enjoy it and I want to help.”

h/t MyModernMet