People Recreated Their Grandparents Photos, And The Result Was Amazing

By | January 8, 2018

To honor our grandparents' journey in this world and to express love, here's a collection of photos of people recreating their grandparents old photographs, and they're nailing it

3 Generations Of Firefighters: From Left – Grandfather Colin Gunn In 1966, Father Nick Gunn In 1988 And Son Owen Gunn In 2015

Grandmother And Granddaughter

Grandson Standing Next To Grandfather On The Streets Of Pleurtuit, France In 1944 And 2013

Grandson and Great Great Grandfather

Granddaughter Recreating Great-Grandmother’s 1918 Portrait

Grandson Reproduce Picture Of  His 20-year-old Grandfather Studying At Hitotsubashi University

Left: Grandmother Mary Alice Mcafee, Age 16 (1944); Right: Granddaughter (2015)

My Grandfather And Grandson, 1965 And 2016

This Makes Three Generations Of Wives Worried Sick

 Grandpa At East Base Antarctica 1940 On Left. Grandson On Right, 2017

Recreated Polaroid Photo Of Grandpa From 1977

Grandfather And Grandson, 60 Years Apart, Both Taken At 23-Years-Old And In The Same Jacket

Great Grandfather And Great Grandson Trained At The Same Location, Exactly 100 Years Apart

Grandmother, 1949 VS. Granddaughter, 2015

Nick Compton Has Recreated His Grandfather Denis Compton's Photos And Adverts

Grandmother and Granddaughter 70 Years Apart

Louise And Her Grandmother

Grandfather and Grandson, same age

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