Photographs That Show A Different Side To The Most Beautiful Women In History

Rare Collection | March 19, 2021

Written by Jacob Shelton

This is a collection of women in photographs who are so beautiful we can't look away.

Take a closer look at these rare photos and stories that were left out of history books, and may change your perspective on history forever.

These photos and stories show a different side to the past than we already know. Each of these women are beautiful in their own way, but look closer and you'll be intrigued at what you may find...

Vivien Leigh taking a smoking break to decompress behind the scenes of Gone With The Wind...most people don't know that the grueling shoots led to her having mental health issues on set 🚬

source: pinterest

For audiences, Vivien's Leigh's performance as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind is one of the greatest achievements in film history, but for Leigh it was an extremely grueling shoot where she had to put up with American actors questioning why she was there, and she was dealing with her own mental health issues while on set.

Leigh's role as O'Hara became her calling card, but it was also a role that she couldn't escape. She was terrified of typecasting or of having to continue to play Southern Belles simply because that's what she became known for. She once said:

I think typecasting is one of the menaces, really, because you get used to what someone is going to do and then it holds no surprise for you.

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