Thought Provoking Images That Will Make You Question History

By Jacob Shelton

Stewardess guidelines in the 1940s.

At times modern life can feel as if it’s going so fast that there’s no time to stop and look around. Technology is moving so fast that it’s hard to see up, and things come in and out of fashion so quickly that it’s impossible to know what’s cool anymore. The vintage photos, news clippings and ads collected here illustrate that things are so different today than they were even 30 years ago.

These photos of candy and cigarette ads aimed at children, and how-to guides for women looking to meet a husband will make you stop and wonder if what you’re looking at is real. Along with the photos we’ve got some helpful details to put everything in perspective. Read on! 

Source: Reddit

Today, airline attendants are incredibly professional men and women who handle all kinds of problems in air transportation on a day to day basis. While that was true of stewardesses in the 1940s, they were expected to be a homogeneous group of beauty queen-type women that were a mix of “nurse, ticket-puncher, baggage-master, guide, waitress, and little mother of all the world.”

Stewardesses were trained at “charm farms” where they learned how to speak and act while on a plane, and had their hair trimmed into perfect collar-length dos that gave a sense of uniformity to every flight.