The Rape Of Nanking: A Brief History Of One Of The Worst Things Ever Done

The Second Sino-Japanese War was a gruesome affair

On December 13, 1937, the Japanese army committed one of the greatest wartime atrocities of history when they carried out a systemic slash-and-burn campaign against the Chinese people of Nanking. They butchered thousands of people while raping women, torturing children, and mutilating anyone who stood in their way. How could humans inflict such suffering upon their fellow man? What could have possibly led to such an abomination?

Source: Wikipedia

As the Japanese army pushed towards Nanking in August 1937, they fought a bloody and casualty-heavy battle against the Chinese. Both sides were fighting a war of attrition that often got so heated that weapons were abandoned in favor of hand-to-hand combat in city streets. In November, the Japanese army took Shanghai, and on December 1, they were ordered to take the Republic of China’s capital, Nanking.

To the Chinese's great misfortune, the Japanese were much better-prepared for the war. Their Navy quickly took control of China's ports, making it impossible for the Chinese people to receive relief.