Robert Hansen- The Serial Killer Who Hunted His Victims For Sport

By Jacob Shelton

(Alaskan Police Department/Wikimedia Commons)

Between 1971 and 1983, Alaskan baker Robert Hansen killed at least 17 women. Although he was only convicted of four murders, each were carried out the same way, with the same brutal precision. Hansen's story isn't of someone who went down the wrong path; it's the story of the real-life boogeyman.

Robert Hansen

Robert Hansen was born in Estherville, Iowa in 1939 to a family of Danish immigrants. His father, a baker, expected him to go into the family business, but the only thing the young Hansen liked to do was hunt and practice archery. There's no account of Hansen having friends or any semblance of a social life. Hansen later said that he was rejected by the young women in his high school and mocked for his stutter, pushing him to fantasies of revenge.