Smoking On Airplanes: Unreal Facts And Stories About When Smoking On Planes Was Outlawed

Air travel has changed a lot from the Don Draper days. Source: (vox)

Air travel has seen many changes since the days of Mad Men, getting on a plane meant getting suited and booted for the occasion. Today, we're lucky if people keep their shoes on. Flight attendants of yesteryear more closely resembled cocktail waitresses, and coach still meant first-class service and a meal.

However, undoubtedly the biggest change at 35,000 feet since that groovy era is the air quality in the cabin. When people still thought a cigarette was no more harmful than a glass of wine with dinner, flights were filled with chain-smoking passengers. It's impossible to imagine people smoking on airplanes today, however, thanks to the first President Bush, who outlawed stogies in the friendly skies on November 21, 1989. Here are some unbelievable facts and stories from a bygone era.