So That’s Why They're Called Hookers!

By | August 22, 2019

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Workers in the world's oldest profession have been called many things, but why hookers? Source: (

There are a surprising number of nicknames for the oldest profession in the world---call girls, streetwalkers, strumpets, ladies of the night---but the term you've probably heard the most is "hooker." Unlike other terms, however, it is not easy to see how the euphemism connects to the activity. How exactly does sex work relate to hooks? Whatever it is, it sounds painful. On the contrary, however, it all goes back to a Civil War major, a rowdy New York seaport, and medieval pickpockets. 

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Major General Joseph Fighting Joe Hooker was a Union general who liked to have a good time. Source: (

The Frat Boy General

In the early days of the American Civil War, the Union Army was led by Major General Joseph Hooker, who earned the nickname "Fighting Joe." Hooker may have had commanding skills as a military leader, but his camp was in somewhat more disarray. Drinking, partying, and all-around debauchery was rampant under Hooker's command. This type of behavior eventually led to Fighting Joe's demotion, as his men were often too drunk, hungover, or sleep-deprived to be effective soldiers. After a few costly defeats, Hooker was replaced as leader of the Army of the Potomac.