Stray Dogs Turn Blue on the Streets of Mumbai

By | June 19, 2018

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In Mumbai, India, a colorful phenomenon was taking place among the stray dogs of the large city, specifically in the industrial district of Taloja. Workers from a local factory, along with some of the city’s residents, noticed this strange event taking place and immediately called authorities.

What was this bizarre phenomenon?

Stray dogs with bright, blue fur, known as “The Blue Dogs of Mumbai”.

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In the manufacturing district of this great city, there are approximately 1,000 pharmaceutical and chemical factories. When the blue dogs of Mumbai were discovered an investigation was launched as to why and how this had happened. It was theorized that these factories were releasing waste into a drainage ditch that flowed into the Mumbai River. High levels of chloride were also found in another nearby body of water called the Kasadi River. Stray dogs were known to wade through these rivers. Some authorities believed that the chemical waste from these factories had stained the dogs’ fur while swimming in the water.

Animal right activist Arati Chauhan, discovered this theory to be false. Rather the dogs were found to be loitering near a pigment and detergent factory 2 miles from the Kasadi River. It was here their fur turned blue from the stale water on the grounds of the factory.