Thank the St. Louis World’s Fair For Some of Your Favorite Foods

By | February 20, 2019

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Saint Louis World's Fair St. Louis 1904. Visitors in front of the Government building at the exhibition area. (Photo by ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

In 1904, the eyes of the world were on St. Louis for the seven-month long St. Louis World’s Fair. While many visitors came to the event for the entertainment, culture, and architecture, most people left with a list of their new favorite foods. The St. Louis World’s Fair is credited with introducing the world to many new food items that would become American icons. Here are some of the new foods you probably didn’t know originated from the St. Louis World’s Fair. 

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Source: (Missouri History Museum)

Ice Cream Cone

According to the popular story, a man named Arnold Fornachou was selling scoops of ice cream at his booth at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Business was booming, and soon, Fornachou ran low on the disposable paper cups in which he served his ice cream. He was reluctant to close up shop and miss out on all that potential business, then he hit on an idea. The vendor next to him, a man named Ernest Hamwi, was selling waffles. Fornachou bought a batch of waffles from Hamwi, rolled them into a cone, and added scoops of ice cream. His customers loved the portability of the new ice cream cone.