The Real Story Behind The 1897 Aurora Incident: When A UFO Destroyed A Windmill 

By Sophia Maddox | May 22, 2023

What did They do With the Body?

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The good folks of Aurora weren’t quite sure what to do next. So they did the only thing they thought was fitting. They gave the alien a proper Christian burial at the local cemetery. The historical records of the Aurora Cemetery even contain information about the funeral. The gravesite was marked with a crude rock.

What did They do with the Wreckage?

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There were no dumpsters or recycling centers in 1897, so the people of Aurora disposed of the wreckage the same way they disposed of much of their discarded items. They threw them in the well. Years later, in 1935, Brawley Oates, the new owner of the land, decided to clear out the debris from the well so it could again be used as a source of water. He spent long hours cleaning out the well. Later, he developed a severe case of arthritis that left his hands deformed, knotted, and twisted. Oates believed that the water in the well had become contaminated by the alien wreckage. He filled the well in with concrete and built a shed on top of it.