Uncensored Groovy Photos Captured More Than Expected

By | May 5, 2022

Lynda Carter and skateboarders in the "Wonder Woman" episode called 'Skateboard Wiz' in 1978.

Okay, we have some photos that will have you doing double-takes on first viewing. Did you know that sexy pop culture icon, Raquel Welch, was considered for the role of Mary Anne on Gilligan's Island? Well, we got her audition photo. What about Michael Meyers enjoying a Dr. Pepper while taking a break from filming the original Halloween movie. Yup, that's in our gallery as well. Also, we have Tom Hanks in a karate outfit fighting Fonzi, Bruce Lee wearing the coolest clothes you've ever seen, Elvis Presley meeting comedian Rodney Dangerfield - as well as dozens and dozens of photos that will blow your mind and provide you with trivia facts to keep everyone in work carpool interested.

Rest your eyes and get ready for 56 groovy photos that will keep you talking. Onward!

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Oh wow! Wonder Woman! This was back in the day, when skateboarding was sort of new. So every TV show tried to tie into the craze; even Wonder Woman, who, apparently, needed to wear a helmet while skateboarding. Safety first for Wonder Woman. This episode had an easy premise: While on vacation in California visiting her teenage goddaughter, non-Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, uncovers an illegal gambling operation while watching a local skateboard competition. Transforming into her alter-ego, Wonder Woman, she is able to bring down the organization with the help of a skateboarder who has a photographic memory.

Spoiler Alert: Wonder Woman apprehends the thugs while pursuing them on a skateboard. In the end, everyone goes out for pizza. The end.

Betty Brosmer was the highest paid supermodel of the 1950s and won more than 50 beauty contests before the age of 20 yrs. Her measurements were 38-18-36. 

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Talk about some crazy, unnatural measurements. Betty Brosmer was a bodybuilder, fitness instructor, and pinup model. In fact, if you watch the 1967 movie, The Dirty Dozen, pin-ups of Brosmer can be seen on the walls of the MP barrack - that's how big of a star she was back in the day.

Bromer's other claim to fame was that in 1961, she married bodybuilder, Joe Weider, and began a career as a spokesperson and trainer in the budding health and fitness industry. She coauthored several books on the subject and, along with her husband, helped to generate the American fitness craze.