Uncensored Groovy Photos Expose Way More Than Expected 

For most the thought of history class was boring, the constant memorization of facts and important dates, never much fun. In this sense, seldom do we find historical pictures to be entertaining, or even interesting enough to capture our attention. Luckily we have gathered together some delightful and spirited images to help capture some nostalgia and bring some light to your day. We hope looking back on these images helps bring back great memories and even better times because we know it does so for us. Whoever said you couldn't learn and have fun at the same time must have never heard of Groovy History.

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Flirty girl Brigette Bardot

Brigitte surely knows how to turn heads with that white swimsuit and sultry look. No wonder she was one of the major sex symbols in the 1950’s and 1960’s. 

The French actress, singer, and model often referred to by her initials, B.B., shocked the world when she walked away from her career at just 39-years old.

This early retirement may have been prompted by her exhaustion and a desire to focus on animal rights but it also immortalized her former image. Her onscreen presence is now encased in amber, a separate lifetime from the one in which she exists now.