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Rare Collection | November 27, 2020

The most beautiful spy in the world

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No figure in history has received quite the same brand of unfair treatment as Mata Hari. As a professional dancer and mistress, this sultry babe enticed men from across the world to kneel at her feet, but when she was hired by George Ladoux as a spy for France in 1916 she sealed her fate. A reporter in Vienna wrote of Mata Hari:

[She is] slender and tall with the flexible grace of a wild animal, and with blue-black hair. [Her face] makes a strange foreign impression.

It was this "strange foreign impression" that made her the perfect spy for the French, for a time that is. Mata Hari insisted that she wanted to use her skills to get in with the Germans, pretend to spy for them, and then turn around and provide information for the French. That didn't really work and she was seen as a German double agent.

In just a few months Mata Hari was mixed up in a tangle of European intrigue and she was arrested for espionage on February 13, 1917. After investigators found out that she accepted 20,000 francs to gather information for the Germans (something that she claimed she wouldn't follow through on) she was put on trial, found guilt, and sentenced to death. On October 15, 1917, she was executed by a firing squad. She refused a blindfold and blew a kiss to the soldiers.

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