Hocus Pocus Was A Critical And Box Office Failure Until Fairly Recently

By Karen Harris
Everyone loves Hocus Pocus now, but when it was first released, it was panned by critics. Source: (hollywoodlive.com)

As soon as the calendar page flips to October, fans of the 1993 movie Hocus Pocus, which starred the fabulous Bette Midler and equally fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker, clamor for the Disney Channel and other media outlets to begin binge-broadcasting the newest Halloween classic. Hocus Pocus has achieved cult movie status in the quarter of a century since it was released, but back in 1993, few people would have predicted the staying power of Hocus Pocus. It had a dismal box office premier, mediocre ticket sales, and lackluster reviews. How did a movie with such a ho-hum debut turn into one of the biggest, most beloved Halloween favorites?