London Blitz: Photos From When Germany Attacked London

By | December 5, 2020

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Londoners hiding out in the Underground during the Blitz. (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

For more than eight months of World War II, London was the target of relentless air raid attacks by German bombers. Although the bombing campaign—called the London Blitz, after the German word of "lightning"—was intended to wear down the morale of Londoners and force them to withdraw their troops, the Germans greatly underestimated the resilience of the British people. They quickly and effectively adopted measures to protect their children and stay safe during the destruction.

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A Blitz On London And Beyond

Although London was the primary target of the German bombers, it wasn't the only part of England on the receiving end of German bombs. Cities and towns all along the English coast (including Cardiff, Bristol, Plymouth, and Portsmouth) were also hit with air raid attacks. Industrial cities further north that housed the factories that made goods for the war effort (such as Manchester, Coventry, and Birmingham) also saw their share of Blitz attacks.