Native Americans: Top Ten Famous Native Americans From the 1600-1900s

Squanto. Source: (

Many Native Americans helped to shape the history of the United States. Some of them lost their land as well as their heritage while others thrived and became legends.


Born as “Tisquantum” in 1585, Squanto was born in Massachusetts. According to some historians, Squanto (along with others) was kidnapped and taken back to England by Captain George Weymouth in the early 1600s because he was not able to find the gold he was looking for. While there, he learned the English language and became an interpreter for Captain John Smith, who he accompanied back to America in 1614. He was later recaptured by Thomas Hunt when he was tricked into getting into his ship and was sold into slavery in Spain. When he ended up back in England, he then traveled back to America with Captain John Smith. Sadly, most of his tribe was gone due to smallpox. Squanto was most known for his help with the Pilgrims by teaching them how to fish and plant corn for the first time in Native American history.