The Nimrod Expedition: Shackleton's Earlier Ill-Fated Antarctic Trek

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and two members of his expedition team beside a Union Jack within 111 miles of the South Pole, a record feat. Source: (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

If you were a fan of the 2002 real-life adventure movie Shackleton, then you know the story of how British explorer Ernest Shackleton kept his men alive after their ship was crushed in the freezing ice of Antarctica. Did you know that Shackleton made a few other journeys to the frozen continent prior to this 1914--1916 expedition? The first of these trips ended with Shackleton's humiliation, so on the second trip, the explorer had something to prove. This is the story of Shackleton's second trip to Antarctica and the first in which he commanded the expedition, which became known as the Nimrod Expedition