Chilling Professional Sports Images From History Explained

Monica Seles Was Attacked While She Was In The Middle Of A Game 

Any sports fan worth their salt will tell you that statistics and final scores are only half a story when it comes to our greatest pastimes. The most interesting pieces of trivia about our favorite games are the stories behind the stories, the myths and legends about our iconic heroes. Whether you like stories about pitchers throwing no-hitters with a head full of acid, or scams involving entire basketball teams, there’s something on here for you.

These photos showcase some of the most fascinating and vibrant moments in the history of sports. From baseball players that saved the day, to boxers who bit off more they can chew, if you love crazy sports stories you’re going to have a good time, now go long! 

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Monica Seles is one of the most accomplished tennis players to ever step foot on a court, be it clay or grass. In 1990 at the age of 16 she was the youngest competitor to enter the French Open, and she won eight Grand Slam singles titles before her 20th birthday. Unfortunately, three of her four Grand Slam wins were against competitor Steffi Graf.

On April, 30 1993, Günter Parche, a fan of Graf jumped from the middle of the crowd onto the court in the middle of a quarterfinal match and buried a boning knife between Seles’ shoulder blade. Even though Seles healed quickly she took another two years to return to professional tennis.